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Fire Alarms Throughout History

Before Fire Alarms Thousands of years ago, before quick and efficient communication methods were invented, fires were reported as and when they were found, often when they were out of control. The Corps of Vigiles were created in 6 AD by Caesar Augustus in an attempt to address the fires that blazed on an almost […]

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8 Common Fire Hazard Mistakes

1) Leaving the Stove Unattended Leaving food on a stovetop or open flame unattended can lead to fires. Holidays have a higher incidence of cooking fires than any other day of the year because hosts are frequently distracted by the increased noise in their home. 2) Poor Use of Extension Leads Overusing an extension cord, […]

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What Needs to be PAT Tested?

PAT testing stands for ‘Portable Appliance Testing’ and is mandatory for every business using electrical equipment of any kind in order to reduce the risk of faults and lower the chances of a fire. Faulty electricals are one of the most common causes of commercial fires in the UK, so it’s imperative that you know […]

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