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Access Control

Whether you are responsible for a school, office building, industrial unit or care home, you will want to make sure employees, residents and visitors feel secure and that equipment, personal belongings and information is protected.

Our Expertise

Swift Fire and Safety operates throughout Peterborough, Northampton, Milton Keynes, Leicester, Nottingham, and all of the surrounding areas. With years of experiene in the industry, you can rely on us as your one-stop shop for all things fire safety.

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Leading products, such as Paxton’s excellent Net2 solution, offers not only control of the movement, entry and exit point of your building, but can also be used for the following:

  • Time and attendance
  • Intruder alarm integration (the alarm automatically unsets upon presentation of specific cards/fobs)
  • View IP camera images
  • Control lighting and heating – reducing your carbon footprint and energy usage
  • Lift control
  • Use site graphics to view plans of your buildings with real time information on door status
  • Open doors remotely
  • Connect multiple buildings and remote sites to centralised systems, making management far simpler
  • Use site graphics to view plans of your buildings with real time information on door status
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Swift Fire & Safety have extensive experience at installing and maintaining access control solutions. We have installed many leading manufacturers’ systems into many sites throughout the UK – whether it’s a multi-site organisation controlled and monitored centrally, or a single building with multiple of doors, through to standalone set ups.

As well as standalone access control devices for single door applications, we install PC-based networked systems to control multiple doors (across multiple sites if required). Access can be granted by numeric code, proximity cards and fobs or biometrics.

A key benefit of Paxton’s Net2, (Swift’s chosen product to install) is that tokens, or users, can be barred instantly, or access to specific doors can be amended as required. Furthermore, different access rights can be created for different groups or departments, making the Net2 system easy to manage and control access throughout the building. Paxton Net2 also offers a ‘Lock Down’ function preventing selected users access through any doors with a specific trigger.

As well as strong reporting, roll call and time and attendance benefits, Paxton access control also integrates into fire systems, security, (or even lighting, heating and power) to seamlessly manage your building and save money on energy usage.

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