8 Common Fire Hazard Mistakes

1) Leaving the Stove Unattended

Leaving food on a stovetop or open flame unattended can lead to fires. Holidays have a higher incidence of cooking fires than any other day of the year because hosts are frequently distracted by the increased noise in their home.

2) Poor Use of Extension Leads

Overusing an extension cord, which is especially dangerous around holidays when outside decorations are in use.

-Connecting many extension cords together to lengthen them.
-Running extension wires through doorways or under carpets.
-Use extension wires to plug in huge equipment like refrigerators and washing machines

-Extension cords are not intended to be a long-term solution. For maximum safety, have a professional install supplementary circuits or sockets so you can completely do away with extension cords.
-Major appliances should be plugged into a wall socket that can support their voltage and wattage.
-Purchase the rope that is the right length for your project after measuring it.

Dirty Chimneys

In the months when they are not in use, animals can create nests in chimneys and twigs and other flammable material can accumulate. If a fireplace is used frequently, a material called creosote can accumulate and become extremely flammable.

Leaving Lights On

It raises your electricity bill and poses a fire risk to leave lights on while you are away. If not utilised properly, lightbulbs can get quite hot and start a fire.

-When leaving the house, unplug any superfluous lighting.
-Install sensor-controlled outdoor lighting so that it turns on only when necessary. This will help you save electricity.
-Follow all safety instructions for holiday d├ęcor.


Candles provide fantastic lighting and pleasant scents for your home. They are, however, very dangerous as well, particularly if they are left unattended.

-Use flameless or battery-operated candles instead than having an open flame. There are many various items that melt wax.
-Keep flammable things away from candles.
-Place the candle(s) in a secure location so they won’t be unintentionally knocked over or tipped over.
-Use fire-resistant and secure candle holders when using candles.

DIY Electrical Works

DIY projects, as home television networks, home repair programmes, and online research become more accessible, are becoming more prevalent. However, other tasks, like your electrical work, should be left to experts. Do not attempt to perform your own electrical work if you are not a qualified or licenced electrician. Numerous actions and safety measures must be implemented. Hiring a certified or licensed professional electrician to finish the work is the only way to solve this issue.

Smoking Indoors

Smoking is still prevalent, despite the fact that laws, regulations, and health studies have contributed to a drop in smoking generally (and specifically smoking inside). A cigarette can readily set off combustible things, making smoking indoors extremely dangerous in addition to the health problems it brings.

-Smoke outside.
-Put out a cigarette with sand or water.
-Avoid smoking if you’re feeling drowsy, drunk, or on any other drugs because these conditions might impair your judgement and make it possible for you to “forget” that you’re holding a cigarette in your hand.


The safety requirements and features have probably changed and been improved recently, just as with any outdated equipment. Utilising obsolete or old appliances might be risky since they could not adhere to current safety standards.

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