Fire Risk Assessment: What are your Responsibilities?

What are the risks to your business?

You, as the responsible party, are required by existing fire safety legislation to conduct and periodically review a fire risk assessment of the premises. This will show you what steps to take to put out a fire, protect your workers, and ensure the safety of anyone else who might be impacted by your operation or business.


Carrying out the Assessment


A fire risk assessment is a structured and rigorous examination of your property, the operations conducted there, and the chance that a fire could start and endanger persons on the property and those around.


This is split into five steps:


Identifying fire risks

Find those who are at risk

Assess, eliminate, lessen, and safeguard against danger

Plan, note, share, educate, and trainĀ 



Do I need a written fire risk assessment?


According to current fire safety regulations, you are required to maintain a written record of your fire risk assessment if you employ more than five people, are a licensed establishment, and/or have an active modifications notice at your premises.


Competent Person

If you feel, having read the guidance, that you:


  • Lack the necessary knowledge or comprehension of fire safety and the risk that fire poses to people to properly comply with statutory requirements
  • Are unable to devote the necessary time and money to this crucial duty.


You will need to hire a specialised business to conduct the risk assessment on your behalf. A specialist in this field would have to determine the necessary fire safety precautions. You ought to continue to be actively involved in the procedure.


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