A Guide to Access Control

Whether you are in charge of a school, office complex, manufacturing facility, or nursing home, you will want to ensure that inhabitants, staff, and visitors feel comfortable as well as ensure that tools, private property, and data are safeguarded and secured.

What is access control?

The phrase ‘access control’ refers to the act of limiting access to private, commercial, or industrial buildings, to a particular, authorised person or people. Certain access control products we offer can do a multitude of things including but not limited to:

  • Time and attendance
  • Intruder alarm integration
  • View IP camera images
  • Control lighting and heating
  • Lift control
  • Use site graphics to view plans of your buildings with live information on door status
  • Open doors remotely
  • Connect multiple buildings and remote sites to centralised systems

What do we do?

We here at Swift Fire & Safety have many years of installation and upkeep experience with access control systems. In various locations around the UK, we have implemented systems from several top manufacturers, whether it be for a multi-site organisation managed and inspected centrally, a single building with multiple entry points, or independent setups.

As well as standalone access control devices for single door applications, we install PC-based networked systems to control multiple doors (across multiple sites if required). Access can be granted by numeric code, proximity cards and fobs or biometrics.

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Swift Fire & Safety is a leading provider of access control devices and systems. So, if you are located in Cambridge, Peterborough, Milton Keynes, Northampton or any surrounding areas we here at Swift Fire and Safety can fulfil all of your fire access control needs. Contact us today by either calling us on 01733 602955 or by filling out our online contact form.