Welcome to Swift Fire and Safety, proudly serving Leicester and the nearby regions.

With over 15 years of industry expertise, our devoted team has garnered a steadfast clientele through an unwavering commitment to quality and service excellence.

Our proficient engineers and electricians possess extensive knowledge in electrical installations, fire safety, protection, and security systems. They undergo specialised training to ensure they are both skilled and professional in their work. You can rest assured that a capable and competent engineer will be assigned to your project.

At Swift Fire & Safety, we uphold the highest service standards, aligning with our mission and values. We never compromise on service excellence. With years of experience and a genuine dedication to the industry, you can trust us for top-notch fire prevention and security solutions.

CCTV Services in Leicester

Swift Fire & Safety offers comprehensive CCTV services to businesses and homeowners in Leicester and its surrounding areas. We specialise in installing high-quality systems across various industries, including education, retail, residential, commercial, and workplaces. If you’re based in Leicester or nearby, we’re your all-in-one solution for all your CCTV needs, from supply to installation.

Whether you require CCTV for deterring vandals or monitoring activities around your premises, our professional services guarantee that the right system is installed to meet your indoor and outdoor objectives.

Swift Fire & Safety offers high-quality cameras and digital recorders, catering to both small covert setups and extensive surveillance systems. You can monitor your front entrance, garage, entire garden, and driveway from your home TVs, PCs, smartphones, or through a customised solution.

Our wireless CCTV systems not only enhance property security but also act as a visual deterrent against crime while ensuring crucial evidence is recorded in the event of an incident. We’ve successfully installed CCTV in Leicester and the neighbouring districts.

For an effective, fully integrated wireless CCTV system that aligns with your property’s security needs, a competent system design is crucial.

Fire Alarm Systems in Leicester

To meet current regulatory standards, it’s imperative to have your fire alarm system in Leicester regularly serviced, installed, and maintained by a certified firm. Properly functioning fire alarms and detection systems are vital for preserving lives and property. Regular servicing can also save you from future complications. Swift Fire & Safety engineers have extensive experience in servicing and maintaining various fire alarm and detection systems.

We understand the importance of thorough maintenance and offer a reliable, efficient, and prompt service for your peace of mind. Our engineers are trained and qualified with the FIA and FPA. We provide a complimentary initial consultation to discuss your property’s fire detection system maintenance requirements. Additional services, such as weekly testing, can also be arranged.

Our maintenance plans are tailored to your business or property’s specific needs. We take the time to understand your objectives to find a solution that addresses them all.

All our maintenance contracts include access to a 24/7 after-hours call-out service, ensuring that our courteous and skilled experts can provide emergency repairs, assistance, or advice in Leicester and the surrounding areas at any time.

Intruder Alarm Systems in Leicester

We believe that having the highest level of protection is paramount for everyone, and an intruder security alarm is one of the most effective ways to achieve this. Our experienced team instals reliable and practical intruder alarms that provide round-the-clock protection for your business.

Visible intruder alarms have proven to deter potential criminals. Our alarm systems are custom-designed to meet your specific requirements and are installed and maintained by qualified and trained professionals.

If you’re uncertain about which intruder alarm system is suitable for your business, our authorised contractors can guide you through the process. Our security experts have extensive knowledge and are equipped to help you find the best solution for your needs.

Access Control Systems in Leicester

Swift Fire & Safety brings a wealth of experience in installing and maintaining access control systems. We’ve implemented systems from top manufacturers in various locations across the UK, whether it’s a multi-site organisation managed centrally, a single building with multiple entrances, or independent setups.

We deploy PC-based networked systems for controlling numerous doors, along with standalone access control systems for single-door scenarios (across multiple sites if needed). Access can be granted via numeric codes, proximity cards and fobs, and biometrics.

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