Intruder Alarm Systems Nottingham

Swift Fire and Safety specialises in the design, installation, and maintenance of advanced wired and wireless intrusion and perimeter systems for residential and commercial properties in Nottingham. These systems feature remote monitoring capabilities and seamless mobile application integration, ensuring comprehensive safeguarding of your assets, data, and business premises.

Round-the-Clock Asset Protection

Given the increasing incidents of theft, vandalism, and corporate misconduct, a robust security system has become essential. While personally overseeing your business 24/7 is impractical, an intruder alarm system can take on this responsibility. Swift’s cutting-edge systems are adaptable for single standalone businesses or multi-occupancy buildings with multiple businesses, offering flexible setting and unsetting options.

Expertise and Integration Excellence

We work closely with industry-leading manufacturers to guarantee flawless communication between our systems and with you. This assurance ensures your premises are thoroughly covered, providing you with peace of mind.

Adherence to European Standards

Since October 1st, 2005, New European Standards have superseded British Standard 4737 for Intruder Alarm Systems in both domestic and commercial premises.

Risk-Centric System Design

The System Design Proposal, previously known as the Specification, is rooted in a thorough Risk Assessment. Unlike the previous British Standards, the new EN standards mandate that system designs be firmly grounded in risk.

System and Equipment Grading

Intruder alarm systems are categorised (1-4) according to the EN standard. The grade is determined by factors including the risk level of the premises, risk level to occupants, contents value, and the expected knowledge intruders might possess.

  • Grade 1 – Low-risk system designed for intruders with limited knowledge and basic tools.
  • Grade 2 – Low to medium-risk system for intruders with limited knowledge of alarm systems.
  • Grade 3 – Medium to high-risk system, designed for intruders familiar with alarm systems.
  • Grade 4 – High-risk system prioritising security, for intruders with advanced knowledge and tools.

Additional Considerations

Equipment is graded based on the level of protection it offers, with Grade 1 representing the lowest security grade. Control Panels now offer enhanced event recording and memory capabilities. Standby battery power is now mandated for a minimum of twelve hours.

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