Domestic & Residential Burglar Alarms in Peterborough, Cambridge & surrounding areas

Burglar Alarms

Specialising in retrofitting burglar alarms into domestic and residential properties in Peterborough, Cambridge and surrounding areas. Installing industry leading technology in wireless alarm systems saving you the extra disruption of drilling and cables needing to be run. Swift specialise in ‘smart’ wireless systems.

According to the National Statistics Office (2011), every 14.6 seconds a burglary is occurring in the United Kingdom. Of all burglaries reported, 76 percent were house burglaries. This tells us that burglar alarms are not nice to have, they’re a need to have!

Any reliable domestic alarm system will cost you anywhere between £500 to £1000, though you can spend extra for additional features. Some house alarms are sophisticated enough to combine a smoke detectors and CCTV cameras – all controllable by an App! If you have an activation or want to drop in and take a look – integrated CCTV is an option.

Burglar alarms have become increasingly popular in many residential properties, fitted to many new builds, especially with the increased crime rates. These systems are used to detect unauthorised entry into a domestic property or remote building. House alarms use an array of sensors, interconnections and alerting methods to detect intruders controlled centrally by a control panel, many have remote monitoring capabilities.

With modern technology being so sophisticated the systems are more reliable than ever, detection technologies are robust and wired or wireless are both are an excellent choice. With Wireless systems, they have flexibility and many possible uses, including, rented properties (portable) and temporary alarming.

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