NHS Stony Stratford Medical Centre

NHS Stony Stratford Medical Centre

Swift Fire and Safety had the privilege of working with the NHS on a comprehensive fire alarm installation project at the Stony Stratford Medical Centre near Milton Keynes. The project duration was set at 8 weeks, during which our team provided end-to-end services to ensure the safety and compliance of the medical facility.


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8 Weeks

Job Type


Project Value



Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire

Details of Job: Challenges/ Solutions etc.

  • Supply, installation and commission
  • Working alongside an asbestos team
  • Commissioned and certified
  • Night work to accommodate a working 
medical practice
  • Advanced electronics fire alarm panel,
Apollo fire devices
  • Old Existing system was kept 100% 
operational whilst new system was installed and commissioned
  • Full fire alarm installation, automatic doors and lifts connections – door to close on activation and lift to go to ground


Martin Jones

Oakwood Financial Services

I recently used Swift for a workplace safety inspection and was thoroughly impressed with the level of service, knowledge and their efficiency. I would highly recommend Swift Fire & Safety.

Mathew Dickins

Leisure Industry

Swift Fire & Safety responded and quoted promptly. Their knowledge and service throughout has been exceptional.

Rachel Dawkins

Welland Academy

Swift have completed a number of jobs for our Academy, they have impressed us with their efficiency, high quality of work and meticulous approach.

Christopher Woosnam


The team at Swift are responsive, professional and the quality of the work is spot on. We would highly recommend Daniel and his team at Swift

Project Scope

Swift Fire and Safety took charge of the entire process, from the supply of equipment to the final commissioning of the system. This not only ensured an exceptional end solution, but also allowed for a seamless transition from the old fire system to the new one.

Working Alongside an Asbestos Team

Collaboration was key in this project, as our team worked alongside an asbestos team to ensure a safe and compliant installation. This involved meticulous planning and coordination to address any potential challenges related to asbestos.

Night Work for Medical Practice Continuity

Recognising the importance of maintaining uninterrupted medical services, Swift Fire and Safety scheduled night work for this project. Doing so allowed our team to carry out installations without disrupting the daily operations of the medical practice, ensuring our work didn’t cause any problems.

Challenges and Solutions

Keeping the Existing System Operational

Throughout the installation process, the existing fire alarm system was kept 100% operational. This was achieved through strategic planning and execution, ensuring that the medical centre remained protected during the transition.

Advanced Electronics Fire Alarm Panel and Apollo Fire Devices

Swift Fire and Safety implemented an advanced electronics fire alarm panel, along with Apollo fire devices, to enhance the overall efficiency and reliability of the system. This choice was made to meet the highest industry standards.

Full Fire Alarm Installation

Our team went beyond the fire alarm system and extended the installation to cover automatic doors and lift connections. The integration ensured that doors automatically closed upon activation, and lifts safely descended to the ground, enhancing overall safety measures.


The project was successfully completed within the stipulated 8-week timeframe, meeting the client’s expectations and compliance requirements. The installation was commissioned and certified, providing the Stony Stratford Medical Centre with a state-of-the-art fire alarm system that meets the highest safety standards.

Swift Fire and Safety’s expertise in fire alarm installation, collaboration with other specialised teams, and commitment to minimising disruptions enabled the NHS Stony Stratford Medical Centre to enhance its fire safety infrastructure. The project showcased our ability to deliver complex installations in sensitive environments, ensuring the safety and well-being of both staff and patients.