Access Control Services Milton Keynes

If you look after a building’s security, be that a school, care home, or office, you need to look after the people in it. That means ensuring everyone in that building feels safe, and that any equipment, information, and personal belongings are free of risk. 

That’s exactly why the Swift Fire & Safety team has spent years honing its access control systems, to ensure that our customers can stop fretting about security. We are one of the leading providers of access control systems in the UK, and have worked in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas for many years.


Why Choose Swift Fire & Safety for Access Control in Milton Keynes?

We have extensive experience of working with customers throughout Milton Keynes and the nearby areas, including Buckinghamshire and South Northants. Based in Peterborough ourselves, we’re not too far away from our MK-based customers and can shoot down the A1/ M1 at a moment’s notice to come out and see you. 

Our wide range of products, including the Net2 solution from Paxton, allows our customers to oversee and control the movement, entry, and exit point of your building, but they can also be used for a variety of other means:

  • Tracking arrival times and attendance
  • Intruder alarm integration 
  • Viewing IP camera images
  • Controlling light and heat, reducing your carbon footprint and energy usage
  • Lift control
  • Opening doors remotely
  • Connecting multiple buildings and remote sites to centralised systems, making management far simpler


Individual Access Control Solutions Milton Keynes

Swift Fire & Safety also offers PC-based systems as an alternative to our standalone solutions. Our team is able to install this network-based solution across several sites if required, while every customer has the choice of numeric codes, proximity cards, and fobs to gain access. Simply get in touch and chat to us about what you’re looking for and we’ll be able to provide the perfect solution.  

Paxton Net2

A key benefit of Paxton’s Net2, (Swift’s chosen product to install) is that tokens, or users, can be barred instantly, or access to specific doors can be amended as required. Furthermore, different access rights can be created for different groups or departments, making the Net2 system easy to manage and control access throughout the building. Paxton Net2 also offers a ‘lockdown’ function to prevent certain users from gaining access.

As well as strong reporting, roll call and time and attendance benefits, Paxton access control integrates with existing fire systems and security (this can be extended to lighting, heating, and power) to manage your building and save you money on energy consumption.

To discover more about our access control services here at Swift Fire & Safety, call us today on 01733 602955 today. Wherever you are in Milton Keynes or the surrounding areas, we’ll come out to see you as quickly as possible and discuss your needs. If you would prefer to email us, simply fill out one of our online contact forms and a member of our team will come back to you as quickly as possible.