Time and Money Saved

Here at Swift we are dedicated to going the extra mile. Everyone hears it all the time, but do they do it? We do… when a valued customer asks for help, you can be sure we will go the extra mile.

Recently a customer was trying to programme additional access control fobs for an influx of new starters. They were having issues as the person who knew was away on annual leave.

Often, this would require a costly call out or a timely training session…. not for Swift’s customers!

The customer called the office and one of our resourceful office staff was able to talk them through the procedure over the telephone and a step by step guide was provided. By the end of the call our customer was confident of the process of adding new fobs to the correct access groups. Not only did we save the customer time, we also saved the customer a call out.

  • No call out fee
  • No waiting for a call back
  • No inconvenience
  • No embarrassment
  • Knowledge shared

Another happy customer!